Trick to win Tez Scratch Card upto Rs 1000 if You Dont Have Another Tez User Friend or Id

Get Scratch Card up to Rs. 1000 Without Sending Money to Another User or Another Tez Id…

Firstly All Of You User Download Tez App
Your Bank Account By Verify Phone Number And Entering Debit Card Details

Now Download any app below

Any bhim app
Paytm uoi
Axis Pay
Chillr App

Now try With PhonePe App

(Example) Download PhonePe App And Link Same Bank Account which is Register with tez bank

Note: Account sud be yours so that money will go into your account
Money will be deducted from your tez linked bank account and will go to your same PhonePe linked bank account account again. This way your money will remain with you and you also Get Scratch Card.

After That Open Tez App Click On Your Profile & Copy Your TEZ Upi Address
Now Open PhonePe App And Click On Request Money To Contact And Then Click On UPI

Paste Tez UPI Code And Verify Save
The Code By Any Name
Now Back To PhonePe Home Page And Click On Request Money Section
Send Rs 150 request from PhonePe

Now Finally Open Tez App And Send Money By Procced Request. And You Will Get A Search Card Instantly.

important step now

Again open PhonePe

This time change your UPI id of your PhonePe by clicking add new upi id because if you send money on same upi id you will not Get Scratch Card.
Everytime upi sud be different.

Now following same above process again and again 5 times and get upto 5 scratch card on tez id
Without Sending Money to Another person bank account.

in simple terms : request money 150 from any upi address to tez app and process the request from tez upi address and pay simple

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